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Tool-Less Ballast Access

Simplified Maintenance Through Tool-less Design
Antique Street Lamps™ provides ease of maintenance and promotes worker safety by providing tool-less accessibility to electrical component trays in a wide variety of its period design luminaires. Serviceable electrical components including the ballast, starter, and capacitor are wired and mounted to a removable tray. The lamp socket is mounted to a die cast aluminum swing out cover except for the DS series luminaires that have a horizontal lamp. For increased worker safety and speedy return to service, the electrical parts can be removed in seconds with no tools and minimum lift time in the air. Inoperable electrical components can be repaired conveniently in the maintenance shop for use later as a future replacement.
- Tool-less Accessibility
- Ease of Maintenance
- Worker Safety
- Reduced Service Time

Simple and Intuitive Design
Once the globe is removed, access to all electrical components can be accomplished without the use of tools. An easy to activate thumb clip is clearly visible on the top outer edge of the die cast ballast housing. Simply press the clip and swing out, or for caged globes lift up, the cover to access the electrical components tray.
Electrical Components are Easily and Quickly Removed and Replaced
After opening, separate the lamp socket wiring quick disconnects. Lift the electrical component tray straight upward from its retaining slots and separate the feed wiring quick disconnect. If the socket cover needs replacement, simply lift it straight up off of the fixed steel hinge pin. Install the matching operable components in reverse order and complete the luminaire maintenance in seconds without the use of any tools.