Antique Street Lamps provides industry leading finishes for all types of posts and luminaires.

F-1 F-2 Antique Street Lamps Finishing System 

F-3 Finish Maintenance Guide

Photometric Viewer

Acuity Brands software program allows the user to view or print full photometric reports.

Economic Viewer
Acuity Lighting Group’s new Economic Viewer software allows the user to perform simple financial comparisons between lighting alternatives. The Economic Viewer considers both initial and annual costs to determine payback periods and internal rate of return.


The Lightware CD provides the most comprehensive set of electronic tools in the industry by combining product and catalog information, technical data, application tools, software and product graphics on a single CD and companion website.

Visual Lighting Design
The Visual Basic Edition can now be downloaded from the Lightware CD-ROM. The Basic Edition of Visual is specifically designed for those who need to quickly develop and document simple interior lighting designs where uniform horizontal illumination is the primary objective.