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Antique Street Lamps Discontinuation Notice

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The Antique Street Lamps™ collection of historical and transitional architectural lighting solutions is unrivaled in depth of style and options. Antique Street Lamps offers one of the largest collections of outdoor decorative lighting products, including luminaires, posts, crossarms, wall brackets, bollards, roadway and traffic signal posts, and signage. ASL provides these products with a family approach to design, allowing you to match luminaires, arms, poles and bollards together for a consistent architectural statement with a design that flows from sidewalk to street to parking areas.
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For turn-of-the-century "period" style lighting with 21st century technology, ASL provides an unmatched selection of LED & HID products to choose from.
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The Eurotique® line of transitional LED & HID lighting products offers superior nighttime performance while enhancing the aesthetic integrity of your project.