Antique Street Lamps

LV Wall Brackets

Upright Wall Brackets - Cast Aluminum

City streetscapes, public areas and parks, higher education campuses, residential developments, paths and walkways.

Cast Aluminum wall bracket assemblies from Antique Street Lamps provide an attractive, functional connection between your luminaire and desired mounting surface. Upright wall brackets are intended for mounting configurations where the luminaire is attached to the bracket at the bottom of the luminaire, with the luminaire standing upright on top of bracket.

ASL wall bracket families are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and luminaire mounting configurations to complement ASL poles, arms and luminaires. For detailed information, download the appropriate specification sheet for your ASL bracket choice.


  • Application Type : Façade, Outdoor Area, Architectural Outdoor, Bridge, Campus, Municipal, Parking Lot, Pedestrian Area, Residential, Roadway, Sidewalk
  • Architectural Style : Historical
  • Arm Mounting Type : Tenon
  • Environment : Outdoor
  • Luminaire Attachment Method : Upright
  • Number of Fixtures : 1
  • Primary Material : Aluminum
  • Product Type : Wallbrackets
  • Series : LVWB
  • Weather Resistant : Yes