Antique Street Lamps

Flagpole Holders - Cast Aluminum

Cast Aluminum Flagpole Holders

City streetscapes, public areas and parks, higher education campuses, residential developments, paths and walkways.

Aluminum tubing welded at a 45 degree angle to a pole mounting plate. Used to display flags on street poles in a variety of mounting configurations.


  • Application Type : Outdoor Area, Parking, Roadway, Sidewalk, Architectural Outdoor, Campus, Flag Pole, Municipal, Pedestrian Area, Residential
  • Architectural Style : Historical, Transitional
  • Environment : Outdoor
  • Mounting Type : Pole
  • Primary Material : Aluminum
  • Product Type : Infrastructure and Roadway, Outdoor Area and Site, Poles and Arms
  • Series : FPH3B
  • Weather Resistant : Yes