Antique Street Lamps

Product Type

Antique Street Lamps offers one of the largest collections of outdoor decorative lighting products. including luminaires, posts/poles, crossarms, wall brackets, bollards and signage. Available in both historical and transitional styles, the ASL product portfolio provides you a very wide selection of form factor, scale and aesthetic appearance at an affordable price point.
  • asl luminaires

    Variety of historically inspired and transitional style light fixtures in both LED & HID sources. Includes acorns, spheres, and lanterns with decorative options.
  • ASL Poles

    Outdoor street light posts and poles from Antiques Street Lamps, with applications including parking, walkways, streets and roadway.
  • ASL Arms and Brackets

    Traditional styled arms for projects requiring multiple light fixtures per post. Wall Brackets designed as a natural extension of our historical post mounted arms.
  • ASL Bollards

    Lighted and unlighted bollards to match most series of decorative posts for use as vehicular access control while adding aesthetic value to the outdoor space.
  • Accessories

    ASL Banner arms, flag pole holders, post top finials, address signs, receptacles and ladder rests. Break away banner arms are also available for high wind loading applications.