Antique Street Lamps


Antique Street Lamps has done thousands of projects from small commercial strip centers to the largest street lighting projects. Typical applications include downtown areas, street lighting, park areas, parking lots, residential developments, train depots and stations, historical renovations, hotels and resorts, commercial strip centers and restaurants. Regardless of your application, ASL has the product technology, aesthetic style and complete solution that you need to enhance your architectural application.
  • Main Street

    A wide variety of HID & LED lighting solutions for downtown streets, historical districts, urban renovation and other main street municipal applications.
  • Residential Street

    Whether your residential application is illumination of new housing developments or relighting existing streets, ASL has a product family suited for your task.
  • Roadway

    Several LED & HID architectural pendant mounted lighting fixtures with adequate scale and performance to address the demanding requirements of roadway lighting.
  • Public Spaces

    Architectural lighting products for public spaces such as municipal parks, courthouse lawns, large parking areas, amusement & recreation parks and more.
  • Higher Education

    Enhance beauty, security and safety of your campus streets, sidewalks, pathways, parking and large gathering areas with transitional and historical lighting.
  • Commercial

    Solutions to complete your vision while meeting your lighting needs for downtown commercial districts, small strip malls and large themed shopping complexes.